Retrofit Windows Design


Retrofit windows – There are basically two ways to install Windows in homes: either under construction, while the walls are fully opened and before the rest of the house is finished, or later, after the home is already built, and the old windows need to be replaced. The other method is, of course, more complicated, because you must first get your windows out, and then ensure that the new windows will fit exactly into the old structure. Modern perching windows make this whole process a little easier.

Measure the window opening height and width, the sliding sashes of existing windows up or down as needed to access the internal grooves. These measurements like to replace the retrofit windows unit. Leave the old retrofit windows into the opening until the new delivered. Remove the cover from the inner perimeter of the opening with your hammer and spit. Keep the trim intact when you remove it. Set it aside. Take arcs, so the opening is complete. There should still be a limit on the trim around the outside perimeter of the opening, which must stay in place.

Place the new retrofit windows unit in the opening, with the bottom of the lower range of the opening. Push up and bring the whole unit back until it is stopped by the external border of the trim. Put your level on the unit. Shim around the edges and the bottom until it is level and square. Shoot screws through holes in the sides of the window unit, from the sides of the frame, using a screwdriver. Push fiberglass insulation around the edges of the retrofit windows unit, in the spaces there. Reset trim around the window with a trim nailed, catch the new unit in place and covers the insulated shutters. Seal around the trim with a frequent gun.

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