Rod Iron Stair Railing Repair

Rod Iron Stair Railing Black

Rod iron stair railing is often used in historic areas of the metal simple beauty and high quality. The iron roof is often made of an alloy of iron which is durable and easy to weld. Wrought iron is so tough that it can take several repairs without weakening, making it ideal for high traffic areas. A broken iron fence may need strengthening to stop wobbling, removing rust preventing spoilage on rod iron stair railing and other repairs to make it look like new again.


Inspect the fence for signs of rust. Look at the trails along the fence to find rust. Cut out the rusty part of rod iron stair railing with a hacksaw. For a slip shoes the right size for the iron above the average. A slip shoe is a small metal plate with an outlet in the center, which fits over the railing. Slide shoe over both parts of the cut hinge. Tighten the fastener with a wrench.

Diameter hole into the shoe face where the shoe cut railing. Insert anchors into the shoe to tighten it. Paint shoe color of the railing by adding a non-rust primer of a primer brush, then painting the railing with new color. Use a direct to metal (DTM) the color of iron.

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