Rustic Barn Door Hardware Ideas

Custom Rustic Barn Door Hardware


Rustic barn door hardware – Easy to install and similar to those used for barns, these hardware sets for sliding doors let you hang a door where the stresses are too numerous to a swinging door. The door slides along a rail fixed to the wall above the opening. It does not require a bottom track. A small guide fixed on the floor is enough to stabilize the bottom of the door. From traditional hand-forged and style, these sets are manufactured in the United States.

Rustic barn door hardware, all parts are made ​​of robust steel 3/16 thick and are powder-coated to give them a smooth appearance of wrought iron. Four models are available. The supports hardware classical facade mounted have a long accurate band. They can support a door of 600 lbs or less.

Rustic barn door hardware, the total length of the supports is 14 1/2. Roulette is 3 inches in diameter and the curved band is wide 2 inches. Maximum door thickness of 1 5/8. Compact, model classical mounted on top of the door leaves to see the wheels. It can support a door 350 lb. The supports are 5 1/2 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide and rollers have 3 inches in diameter.

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