Modern Rustic Ceiling Fans

Rustic Ceiling Fans Ideas

Rustic ceiling fans – Primitive ceiling fans provide the final touch for well-designed land, people or antique home decor. By following a few simple design guidelines, you can display an appropriate old-fashioned ceiling fan at an affordable price.

Antique ceiling fans offer a beautifully distressed style with attractive historical origins. According vintage fans. com, as electric ceiling fan is manufactured in the US as early in the 1890s can be fully restored to their original form and function. Some common materials found in an antique ceiling fan includes stained wood, oxidized copper, iron, cut glass and even cast iron. These raw materials compare better in lasting quality than today rustic ceiling fans made of plastic and medium density fiber board. No doubt it is part of the primitive design appeal.

For a more affordable and homespun application, get creative with your brush. When using paint, record natural earth tones for an authentic handmade look. Painted wooden fans should showcase shades such as harvest gold, earthy clay, forest green and rustic barn red. Often, feature country looks painted pictures of farm scenes with cocks, horses and wild flowers. These decorative images should be kept to a minimum on the rustic ceiling fans, but since they probably will not be as visible as when used for furniture. One of the most popular paint treatments for rustic design, crackled paint, the adjacent colors to complement each other in a stunning finish.

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