Modern Rustic Living Room Ideas

Rustic Living Room Ideas Chic

Rustic living room ideas – There are many possible styles to decorate the living room of our home. In this case, we suggest some ideas for a rustic lounge. A rustic decor is the perfect style for those who love the traditional, a return to natural materials in our work deco combine with modern elements to add a more personal and original touch. But undoubtedly, in decorative composition we suggest from, a timber of furniture over a hundred years will be the true protagonist our lounge.

The rustic living room ideas decor the mark a more than 100 years that the owner wanted to keep furniture. We get a warm and elegant atmosphere combining color blackberry and a natural brown. Finish to complete the room by setting various furniture woods will make the real protagonist.

By the window place a beautiful teak table with chairs made ​​from natural fibers, add to rustic living room ideas furniture and change the old and worn sofas with a modern two-seater fold-out sofa. And complete the room by placing a few chandeliers adorned with a beige screens that replace the wooden lamps emitting a dim and dismal light. A decorative solution for a country-style lounge in a simple way