Scalloped Window Shades Ideas

Amazing Scalloped Window Shades

Scalloped window shades – A nice aspect to any dining room is a nice way table, a painting on the wall or beautiful curtains highlighting your windows. To create that special look for going, here is some ideas dining room curtain to start. Take your time selecting the type of shade you want, followed by the pattern of the fabric and the colors you want. If your style is formal or relaxed, you can be sure to find something you suites.

To create a formal look to your scalloped window shades dining room, you will have to go with a chic, romantic and dramatic look. Sharp lines or long curtains covering the floor with wide borders can often satisfy this aspect.

Try hanging curtains four pocket relaxed rod in a rod with two curtains being pure middle and two outer fabrics made of large drawings. Slide one loop over the shower curtain rod ends and running internal voile curtains through them to create a draped mantle and the window frame at the same time.

Often a large balloon valance can give a formal look to the room if chopped loot not seems to fit. You can also try scalloped window shades over curtains if you need to block the view of neighbors. Try to stick with fabrics that use only one or two colors to keep the look of the formal dining room. For example, a mixture of a tab-top curtain red with cream lace curtain behind it can give that sense of gourmet. Avoid blankets for a formal setting unless you are sure that coordinate with the rest of the room.

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