Seal Vinyl Floor Tiles Self Adhesive

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Vinyl floor tiles self adhesive be the ideal solution to make a new look floor with keep money. You can place the peel-and-stick tiles in a matter of hours, and there is no waiting for the grout to dry. Because of their tendency to warp, when wet, self-adhesive tiles are not recommended for use in areas where the water is heavily used, such as in a toilet or rest room. However, applying a sealer over the top of the tiles help guard them against moisture damage and regular traffic.

Instructions to seal vinyl floor tiles self adhesive: First, clean the floor with a broom and mop. It is important that the floor is free of dust and dirt that sealant will trap any surface dirt. Then, protection of plinths or casting around the bottom of the floor by covering it with masking tape. Add the sealant a bucket. Dip the mop into the bucket and press the sponge mophead against the side of the bucket, so it does not drip.

Place the mop on the floor near a wall and drag it lightly along the floor to deposit a thin layer of adhesive. Next, allowing the sealant to dry. The sealer will turn clear when dry; begins as a non-transparent white color. Last, layer a second layer of sealer on the floor, if desired. Make sure sealer is completely dry before opening the floor to traffic. Your seal vinyl floor tiles self adhesive was finished now.

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