Setting Of TV Armoire with Doors

Antique Tv Armoire With Doors

TV armoire with doors is mainly used to hold TVs hidden when not in use. Hanging armoire doors are relatively easy, but the measurements must be correct to achieve a uniform, attractive appearance. Hang the doors to open wide enough to utilize the space. Some hinge allows the doors to fully open and rest snugly against the sides of the armoire, which is a good option if your TV armoire with doors and you has the space available. Keep doors to the armoire where you plan to hang them. Make a straight line across the top of the doors using masking tape or light pencil markings.

Place the hinges on the doors with doors facing the ground. Use two hinges on doors over 2 meters long and three hinges on more doors. Use a yardstick for measuring tape to line up the hinges on both doors so they hang evenly. Mark the areas on each hinge where you will screw the hinges. Insert the hinges to the side and drill small starter holes in the doors where the screws will go. Avoid drilling too deeply, or you’ll put a hole in the TV armoire with doors. Replace the hinges and screw the screws into the door through the holes in the hinges with a screwdriver.

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