Shaker Cabinet Doors Replacement

Shaker Cabinet Doors with Glass Panel

Shaker cabinet doors are easier to match than the stain classes. This term simply means that the doors can be painted without damaging the wood or materials from the door. The paint colors are also matched easily with a computer at your local store; once this is done you can order at your local store or online.

There are three types of wood used for this purpose; oak, birch and popular. Oak is often painted with the grain show through so when you match you’ll see this. Poplar wood is excellent for shaker cabinet doors, but other woods can also be painted as well. Sales representative your local hardware can usually help you to determine the right wood to match your closet door.

If you order shaker cabinet doors on the internet check carefully on the measurement method, they need because this can vary with different companies. Full size door would be required. Begin by sanding your new cabinet doors and then use a primer to make sure that the paint will stick. After only use different brushes to paint the doors so that they will match your decor. A layer of new shaker cabinet doors can make all the difference to a room, especially if it is a kitchen or bathroom.



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