Should You Use Heavy Duty Hinges

Black Heavy Duty Hinges

Heavy duty hinges – A hinge consisting of two wings held together with a pin called a pin. Some are made for either right or left hand opening, while others are specific to one or the other. Hinges can be recessed by sinking them into the mortise. Choose loose-pin butt hinges which you want to remove a door without having to remove the hardware. This type allows you to pull the pin and take hinge apart.

Choose a heavy duty hinges for heavy doors. Its bearings are permanently lubricated for a lifetime of smooth operation. Use flush hinges for light interior doors. This surface-mounted hinge does not leave a gap because of its low profile. Place a piano hinge on the furniture flaps Table wings and chest lid. This type of hinge can be cut to length and, or recess-surface.

Try a box hinges for small chests. This type is opened only to 90 degrees. Larger chests, heavy doors and gates should be equipped with heavy duty hinges, which are wider and are available in plain or decorative style. For tips, make sure the hinges that will be exposed to the weather are designed for that sort of abuse.

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