Simple Steps to Nail Stair Rug

Awesome Stair Rug

Stair rug – Begin at the bottom of the stairs, and lay a piece tackles strip at the top. Also bottom of the stair set and at the bottom of the tread. And the back of the increase for each step. Centers each strip on stage and make it about 1 inch shorter than the width. Driving nails into the corners of each tackles strip to attach it to the floor. Use blankets nails to make sure they are the proper length and thickness.

Cut stair rug padding to place on the tack strips. There should be about 3 inches longer than the flat part of your staircase. So that it breaks the bottom of the stairs, and there must be 1/4 inch shorter than the size of your rug runner. So it sufficient pads without sticking out on the edges. Use hammer nail padding to tackles strip on the flat part of the stairs.

And then extract excess padding the bottom of the stairs and nailing it in the strip on the back of steps during the working with. Place the rug on the steps, using a knee kicker to push stair rug tightly there rise and tread meet on the stairs. Installing nails about 3 inches apart where two meet. As the curtain reaches the top of the stairs, nail it to the strip and padding to complete the installation.

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