Simple but Wonderful Coved Ceiling

Coved Ceiling Bedroom

Coved ceiling – When we decided to paint our house, we seldom think ceilings because they always get used to paint white. Perhaps because of habit or convenience, since it will not matter what color the walls are always combined with white roof, in addition to amplitude, but today we want to encourage you to paint your ceilings and make a great and original decorative ceilings.

Now we go for geometric shapes to create decorative coved ceiling. The example is a house with neutral colors like black and white, but he wanted to give a touch of color to the ceiling with yellow stripes, a way of encouraging the stay without overloading the roof of that color. In the second example, a house with contemporary style mixed with classic, in which the busts and chandeliers have been combined with boxes and lines, suitable for modern art lovers. At last, we see that the roof has the same color as the walls, but they have added a few points, a simple way to make an original ceiling.

For art lovers, coved ceiling are a delight, the first with a more classic style with a stunning rose window in the center, the second, worthy of a modern artist (or want to capture the first scribble our son) and the third, a stately ceilings in dark colors that leverage very well moldings and rosettes to combine modern and classic.

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