Sliding Glass Door Blinds Ideas

Sliding Glass Door Blinds

Sliding glass door blinds – A sliding glass door can be a functional and attractive addition to your home. Leave plenty of natural light and can give you easy access to your porch, deck or patio. However, sliding glass doors require regular and careful maintenance, and energy efficiency of your home could be significantly reduced. To ensure that your home does not suffer from higher energy loss, take time to choose the right seal for the sliding glass door.

Research your sliding glass door blinds options. Moldings can be made from different types of materials, including metal rubber, foam, plastic or bent. Metal molding can be very durable, but develops more heat than other materials. Weather stripping plastic is not as durable, but is much less expensive than metal. Weather stripping foam and rubber tend to be easier to replace, and nature helps flexible past.

Measure your sliding glass door blinds to determine how much you need the weather stripping. Add 5 to 10 percent to measure because probably have waste during the installation process. Use felt weather stripping. Felt is a supplemental seal that can be used to seal any leakage weather strip other options. This gives a tighter seal around the sliding glass door to make it more energy efficient.

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