Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Famous Twin Trundle Bed

Small bedroom decorating ideas – Small can be a big problem when it comes to decorating a bedroom. Plan to throw everything up too much space and donate it to a thrift store. Then have fun designing a new look for your space recovered. As a rule, light colors help make a space appear larger. Use pale shades for ceiling, walls and floor, and add the dark or bold colors in accessories like lampshades, pillows and photos. If you prefer the look of dark walls, ceiling and floor, use a single color for all of them to give an unflinching look at your room and add the appearance of more height.

Small bedroom decorating ideas are keeping adding to a feeling of spaciousness light-colored furniture. Paint sideboards, dressers, nightstands and headboard off-white, pale gray, beige or pastel. For fun finish furniture will almost ‘disappear’, paint it to match the walls or wallpaper.

If you have not furnished their small bedroom decorating ideas, however, select furniture that does not overwhelm. Large, heavy pieces occupy a lot of floor and wall space and make the room look crowded, if you are short of storage, think vertically. Install shelves reaching to the ceiling. You can cover half of a wall in this way and still retain floor space, because the shelf does not extend as far into the room and furniture. You will also have more space for other parts you need, such as a bed and bedside tables or end tables.

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