Solution for Ugly Ceiling Light With Pull Chain

Elegant Ceiling Light With Pull Chain

Ceiling light with pull chain – One thing you cannot live without is electric lighting. One thing you should not tolerate is an ugly ceiling-mounted light fixture with a pull chain. Short of replacing the entire unit, there are many ways to give an ugly fixture a facelift. Most are quite inexpensive, easy to install and can create a whole new look for your lamp.

Your ceiling light with pull chain, replace or upgrade it to a newer and shinier. The chains are available in silver, gold or bronze colors that you can easily trim to length using a set of wire cutters. If your chain is plain or dulled from wear, add a pull chain with a fancy charm. On a rack in a child’s room, install a miniature baseball or princess charm.

For a light in the living room could be a China, clear glass or tinted acrylic charm fill the bill. In an office, use a polished brass or tin chain or charm. Many home improvement and lighting stores carry a wide selection of pull chains and charm. That is simple way also, tips for you to make your ceiling light with pull chain appear awesome and ugly impression. Never more think just do it and see what happen.

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