Special Jungle Wall Murals

Cartoon Wall Murals

Wall murals – Jungles are found in many countries around the world. This means that opportunities are enormous for creating a jungle mural. Murals can fit into most rooms in a house or a business, but jungle murals can make a bold statement when it appears in a child’s room, office or restaurant.

To create a long mural on the wall needs to be prepared. Prepare the wall by painting with a white primer base. Then use a soft pencil to outline drawing. Use heavy paint as interior semi-gloss or acrylic craft paint to paint the wall murals. After the mural is painted, use a clear sealer to protect the painting.

African jungle wall murals can be achieved by means of elements such as African vegetation and animals. Include animals like elephants, zebras, giraffes, big cats and birds. African plants include acacia thorn tree, Proteas, Baobab trees, Gazanias and succulents. African wall paintings often depict scenes around ponds, but an African mural can also be painted with the green of a wooded jungle. African jungle scenes make a creative addition to a child’s room or an African-inspired room. Choose wooden furniture and animal print fabrics in a room with an African mural. Use accent colors present in the mural.

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