Bathroom Hexagon Floor Tile

Special Today: Hexagon Floor Tile

Hexagon floor tile – As we know, at this time of year they are geometric shapes trend. Triangles, diamonds and rectangles are figures we are seeing in many decorative styles. Climb walls in form of tiles, crawl on floor tile air and even rest on our beds and sofas with cushions and blankets stamped. Today we pay tribute to hexagon that six-sided polygon and six equal angles. It is often considered that this form has a close relationship with nature. Snowflakes and bubbles are most common examples to explain this relationship. This time we will focus on shape of cells within honeycombs.

Hexagon floor tile is a shape that is part of history of ceramics, now again modern with all its creative force. All qualities of porcelain stoneware and beauty of floors with a traditional feel. Each individual tab has a different pattern and a different shade of color, creating a sophisticated influence of texture. We show this idea with beautiful kitchen floor because may also choose these beautiful ceramic tiles.

Hexagon floor tile have spent years being considered a wonder of nature. Completely made of wax, precision of straight lines and its accuracy is amazing, very precise. Perhaps because of this have been so many designers have been inspired by this figure to do their jobs. On these lines we show how tiles and tiles can be a good choice to use this form. Combining neutral colors with more vivid colors that marry perfectly with wood, it is possible to encourage restaurant we see in photo of a very special way.

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