Stair Carpet Runners Ideas

Antique Stair Carpet Runners

Stair carpet runners – Stair runners usually run up the middle of the stairs. Installing a stair runners follow the same procedure to install the stair carpet runners to a floor except the stairs has angles, and floors often than not.


Measure the width of the back of each tread and the width of each riser. Cut pieces of tackles strip equal to the measurements of the mat minus 2 inches. Attach a piece of tackles strip on the back of each stair tread. Place the strip centered on each tread with tacks facing upright.

Place a piece of tackles strip centered on each riser with the tacks facing the tread. Cut pieces of carpet pad to size. The pad must be the same width as tackles strip. Each piece has to butt up against the tackles strip at the back of a tread. Install stair carpet runners starting at the top of the stairs. Start under the nose of the staircase landing.

Smooth the carpet flat as you go, rounding the nose of the tread and the carpet flat to upright. Continue to lie out and secure the carpet over the treads and risers down until you get to the bottom of the stairs. Tuck the bottom edge of the stair carpet runners over the flange on the bottom of the upright and secure it with carpet tacks.

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