Classic Stair Handrail

Stair Handrail Instructions

Stair handrail – The severity of instructions stair handrail may vary depending on the type of handrail installation. Check with an inspector in the local building department. To find out what the local regulations for the height of the railings. Usually, the height requirement from 32 to 34 inches.

You must have a 4-foot spirit level. You will be able to outsource the height you choose for stair handrail right on the bubble. When you place the level of the first step of the stairs must place up against the nose of the second stage. The flat part of the level must be against the wall. Make a mark at the level where the tool converges with the surface or nose of the second step. This mark will be the starting point of the handrail height calculations.

As a result, It is important that you pull on the thickness of the handrail and the height of the handrail bracket from this measurement to obtain the correct height. Since the supervisor is parallel to the stair handrail, measure the thickness of the handrail diagonally. You can use a framing square to get the height of the bracket, which must also be deducted from your measurement. So, if the diagonal height of the railings is 3 inches and the height of the bracket is 3 inches. You have to draw a total of 6 inches from the supervisor level.

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