Steel Stair Stringers for Sale

Dangers Using Steel Stair Stringers New Stair Construction

Steel stair stringers – I would imagine most people do not even know what it is cleat wooden stairs are; in construction we have so many words that describe the…

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DIY Stair Railing Modern

Simple DIY Stair Railing Wood

DIY stair railing – possibilities are many and can select from the effect you want to create or just personal preference. Handrails not only add beauty and flair to a…

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Staircase Bookshelf Plans

Functional Staircase Bookshelf Design to Save Space

Staircase Bookshelf – Installing shelves and cabinets and drawers under the stairs will recover some of the unused space just lay unnoticed for a year. Rack can be used for…

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Beautiful Stair Pole

How to Install Stair Pole

Stair pole and railings on a ladder fulfill a double function, on the one hand they are a safety element when manufacturing a closure that prevents to cross the limit…

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Best Stairway Wall Ideas

Pretty Stairway Wall Ideas Decor

Stairway wall ideas – You can showing pictures of your grandparents, grandfather grandparents and other relatives is a way to honor your ancestors. Buy frames that fit the images: Select…

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Classic Stair Handrail

Stair Handrail Instructions

Stair handrail – The severity of instructions stair handrail may vary depending on the type of handrail installation. Check with an inspector in the local building department. To find out…

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Corridor Stairwell Lighting

Fantastic Stairwell Lighting Ideas

Stairwell lighting – Lighting is one of the keys that in any construction must be studied in a professional way. Not only is it place in the middle of the…

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