Stairs without Railing Ideas

Amazing Stairs without Railing

Stairs without railing – Temporarily or freestanding staircase often seem to have no livelihood. The stairs may stick out from the wall or to connect to a series of cables. This type of stairs without railing is an effective way to add mystery and provide a conversation piece in your home.

Materials used

Floating stairs without railing are often made of wood that coordinates with the environment in your home. For example, if you have hardwood floors, it is a wise idea to use the same wood tone of the stairs to give continuity and balance to the room. Other suspended stairs without railing are made of metal to add a sleek stylish appeal to the decor.

Depending on the design, get only one side of a suspended stairs without railing attached to the wall. Many designs do not include a railing and has only the flat wall surface. This is due to the addition of a stair rail detracts from the minimalist attributes of this architectural feature. The other side of the stairs can be left open. This is a disadvantage if you have small children or elderly people in the home who are not adept at climbing up and down stairs and need a robust rail to grab onto for safety.

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