Bedroom Stencils for Walls

Stencils for Walls Ideas

Stencils for walls – Wall stenciling is a clever way to add color and visual interest in the design of any room. You can stencil a boundary along the top or bottom of a wall for the definition or stencil a motivational saying or inspirational verse as a wall centerpiece.

The stencil a border of fruit around the top of your kitchen wall for a colorful accent to your country or Tuscan style cuisine. Apples, oranges, peaches and pears work well as a mixed color combination, or you can choose to have only one type of fruit to a monotone stencil for walls. To make a stencil edge of a wall without crown molding, draw a straight pencil line along the wall exactly where the bottom of the stencil will hit so you can easily maintain a straight line as you go. For walls with crown molding, you can use casting as a guideline to the top of your stencil. Tape stencil to the wall with painter’s tape and apply a very thin layer of paint pouncing inside of the stencil by a stencil brush.

Consider running an inspirational verse around the perimeter of your room, either in the attic or along the baseboard. You can also create stenciled wall art in the middle of a wall of stenciling complete verse in lines, as it would look like in a poem. You must create your pencil guideline for each row in verse. You can use crown molding and baseboard as a guide, if you wrap your verses around the perimeter of the room. Letter, word and phrase stencils for walls are available at your craft store and from online retailers, so you can stencil what you want on your wall.