How to Strengthen the Leaded Glass Windows


How to strengthen the leaded glass windows is something that anyone working with stained glass needs to learn. To prevent bending and sagging for years, windows that exceed 4 square feet in overall dimensions should have as much stability as possible. When the window is less than 4 square feet, the need to stabilize will depend on the design and where the window will be installed.

The opening and closing of the door constant will create leaded glass windows arc if not completely stable. Therefore, every window, no matter what size, which will be at the door, including cabinets, needs to be strengthened. The same applies to windows that are installed as an exterior window and exposed to outdoor elements, especially the wind, or the door is opened and closed frequently.

To determine the square footage or window patterns, multiply the width times a height, in inches, then divide by 144. To convert metric square feet, multiply the width by height in centimeters, then divide by 930.25. So what can you use to amplify leaded glass windows? This is called restripe copper and works with both copper and tin foil.

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