Stylish Steampunk Ceiling Fan

Decorative Steampunk Ceiling Fan

Steampunk ceiling fan – In many homes are installed ceiling fans, and as a rule tend to be white which almost always good because it sticks to roof, but if you’re tired of seeing same fan, somewhat cheaper than changing whole is decorate yourself . It is very easy since all fan blades can be removed easily, you just need screwdriver and once you have all removed can decorate as you like. You can paint each color, striped, all of a color to match decor, with templates or as you want.

Imagine visual effect will steampunk ceiling fan when put into operation, sure for a child’s room is perfect and your kids will love. That way you will have a new and personalized fan for a ridiculous price. And surely you have Sobro painting I like to paint a door or window, so you can even change fans you get it free.

Usually to remove blades only need a screwdriver, since blades are bolted to supports carrying fan head. Be sure to remove power so it could happen. Once you have decorated blades, you only have to re-screw them and voila, you have a new fan. Blades are usually made of wood or plastic, they are most common materials, if you want to paint, you should use paint is enamel. To paint a steampunk ceiling fan, clean it first as they tend to accumulate dust, then give him a pass with sandpaper and clean again, once cleaned and sanded and then you can paint as you like.

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