Stylish Victorian Window Treatments

Victorian Window Treatments Style

Victorian window treatments – Make your window treatment a comprehensive Victorian-era style to define a special room where prestige and history prevails. This era was loaded with lots of fringed fabric swags. Queen Victoria reigned from 1837 to 1901, and it is this period that most people regard as the Victorian era. Lace is a must on style Victorian window treatments, Use streams of lace panels in an off-white color dimpled with small embroidered roses to create a basis of distinction for curtain chosen to outline your window. Violet, purple, dull blue and peacock green are some colors that you can use to improve a Victorian effect.

Make a covered cornice as a Victorian window treatments topper or have one created by a designer to lend an elegant touch to your Victorian drapes and panels. Wood cornices were known to be formal and match the fine formed woodwork in a room, but the covering with your drapery fabrics capable of a similar style. Cornices do not have to be straight and oblong, but can have frayed or swooping bottoms and trimmed with the same trim of lace, ribbon or fringe as your curtains.

Show your draperies and valance with a hanging stained glass panel. Use pleated lace panels to your curtains and a swag valance as the outline of your hanging. Choose a hanging lead glass piece from one of the many artists or companies offering great design that acts as a giant sun catcher along the top half of your window. Different characters or scenes in vivid colors will bring the Victorian tradition without replacing the Victorian window treatments with leaded glass, a classic of the era.

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