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Wainscoting ideas is a broad term that refers to tune which is add to lower quarter of wall. Type of material use may be wood panels, trim or intricate casting. Interiors have use wainscoting of architecture and visual appeal since late 1500s. But there is no structural purpose of wainscoting adds extra functionality contrast and design to a wall. Wainscoting is usually paint to match existing trim in a home. However, using different paint colors and treatments add character and personality to a home’s decor.

Wainscoting ideas often picture-frame elements. Inside each square area, a stenciled design to be paint in booming or fleur de lis pattern. Other design elements can contain small vignettes or wall scenes similar to those of toile fabric. Add a color wash – a glazed decorative paint treatment – will add an antiqued look to wainscoting. Glaze will be collect in grooves of wood. Glaze is make by mixing a quart glaze with a gallon of paint. Use a darker color than existing trim color and apply glaze on wainscoting using rags and brushes, light stippling on it. Wipe off as much as you want, depending on look you’re after.

To mimic look of real stone, wainscoting ideas can be trimmed. Gypsum joint compound can be applied to wood with a trowel or by hand. When dry, sand down any loose parts and points. Wipe off any dust. Paint plasters a desired color such as beige or light brown. Adding a glaze treatment over top adds depth and dimension, and will make faux stone look more realistic.