The Way to Hanging Barn Door Sliders

Barn Door Sliders DIY

Barn door sliders – Eventually, the door will get hit and beaten round enough to the point that it needs to be replaced with a new door that will need to be hung up. There are a few good ways to hang a door. Remove the pocket door from its track by the trim to the door. The door tilts outward to pop off the track. Take the track off of the old door and screw it on the new door.

Remove the trim around both sides of the door. Use a reciprocating saw cut the nails or screws between the frame and the door frame. Remove the old door with the frame completely. Insert the new barn door sliders in the opening. Shim the side of the door so there is even spacing between the jamb and the framing of the door. Plumb (straight up and down) after with a level to ensure that the door is, attach the rotating side to the wording with long bolts through the hinges. Attach the other side which by means of long screws by the plunger stopper. Test the barn door sliders for proper operation. Re-install the trim on each side of the door with the aid of nails.

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