Stylish Sisal Stair Runner

To Install Sisal Stair Runner

Sisal stair runner – Natural sisal rug is a common term for a variety of carpet types, although sisal is also a type. These are natural plant fiber flooring made of hemp, sea grass, jute, paper, coconut and sisal. Sisal carpet come in 50 different weaves. They have premium leather and suede bonds, blind stitched binding applications and hand sewn mitered corners. Installation of sisal carpet follows the same rules as other carpet types.

Install a sisal stair runner gripper on the sub stair runner. Then cut gripper strip accommodate the length of each wall. And then use a razor knife. Then nail strips around each wall with a gap between the walls into 1/8-inch. And then nail strip using nails already attached to the strip. Ensure that the pins pointing towards the wall. Take gripper strips in the corners. Lay down a sub field. Reversible sub field and trimming it to size with a razor blade. Under Field need not be glued or adhered to the stair runner. Make sure that the seams on the field does not line up with the seams on the carpet.

As a result, turn the sisal runs in rows. Leave the overlapped seams. Apply a bead of PVA wood glue along one side of sisal carpet; below. Then join the two sides of the sisal together by heating tape. Iron tape to adhere the carpet pieces holding them together. Wait one hour for the stitches to dry. Stretching sisal stair runner gripper using a knee kicker you can buy or rent a blanket or hardware store. And then trim excess carpet at the ends and staple carpet for gripper using 12 mm long staples and a staple gun.

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