Beauty Wainscoting Stairs

To Measure for Wainscoting Stairs

Wainscoting stairs – wainscoting is a wood paneling that you can install along your staircase wall. When you have the wainscoting installed by an expert, the expert will actually come to your home and measure the wall for you. You can also install wainscoting on your own and manage the measurements yourself. Things you need are carpenter’s square, pencil and tape.

More instructions to wainscoting stairs: Firstly, place the carpenter’s square against the stair’s stringer. Stringer is the diagonal board that rests against the wall. Mark a 90-degree angled straight line at the top and bottom of the stairs with a pencil. Second, measure from the right point on both lines from top to bottom. This is your stringer length.

Measure the height you want the first floor wainscoting stairs to be. This is calculated by adding the height of the first stage to 32 inches. So if your first step is 3 inches high, then your first floor wainscoting height is 35 inches. Last, measure the rise and run of stringer by drawing a 2 foot straight line horizontally from the top of the staircase’s stringer. Then draw a vertical line from the end of the 2 foot line to the stringer fall.