Traditional Hardware Barn Door Locks

Unique Barn Door Locks


Hardware barn door locks is usually made of durable, corrosion resistant materials such as wrought iron. The hardware you choose is based on services barn, livestock, personal preferences and weather. Since materials and height and configuration depend heavily hall way where you live. In the southwestern United, outdoor barns are popular because they provide excellent ventilation and sun protection. In colder climates passenger barns are the traditional choice, because it can be closed during the toughest time.

If you are renovating a historic barn or building a vintage barn, you need traditional hardware in your barn door locks further investigation and contact a blacksmith with hardware designs you want. Good starting points for investigation are historical societies, antique shops and museums barn. They may have pictures, lithographs or actual hardware elements you can still photograph and a blacksmith.

Traditional barn door locks hardware requires little or no maintenance. If you choose modern hardware lookalike modern metal alloys you may never have to keep everyone. Antiques, vintage and antiques may need occasional lubrication, but not clean unless absolutely necessary for hardware to run. As with other antiques, the patina and corrosion that come with age is what gives these pieces of value and character.

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