Travertine Floor Tiles Classic

Travertine Floor Tiles Comes in Many Colors

Travertine floor tiles – travertine is a natural stone that is usually used for waitresses, walls, mosaic floors, bathrooms and some finishes the fireplace is very versatile and comes in many colors and finishes. Then we begin to explain the two most common types that the stone is presented for use in construction: Difference between travertine polished or unpolished.

Travertine is a type of limestone composed of calcite and since formed underground with hot water and gases, was whittling through bubbles that eventually were forming shapes on the surface of the stone when the stone is cut into tiles it is polished to a flat finish known as matte. As we know about travertine floor tiles. Honed travertine usually has its holes filled with an epoxy resin perfects, is waterproof and gives the stone a smooth, flat, clean appearance.

Travertine polished, travertine has a rustic, natural look, with a face and edges worn, chipped and cracked corners visible cracks, travertine floor tiles nice for kitchen. This type of travertine is left stuffing mentioned in the above (mate), which means that the holes are intact and filled with cement is recommended during installation to prevent penetration of elements and keep their shape and structure.

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