New TV Wall Mount with Shelf

TV Wall Mount with Shelf Ideas

TV wall mount with shelf – Flat screen TV ‘appeal largely rests on their clean, uncluttered look. Previously, large free-standing television did work to hide the connecting cables through their sheer bulk and size. Flat panels, especially wall-mounted ones, do not have this property.  Do-it-wire casting kits are available to hide these threads, regardless of the type of environment.

Hide cable TV wall mount with shelf, Measure from the center of the back of the flat panel to the middle of equipment rack or stand. Cut channel kit, after the measurements. Make-section by means of a scissor or saw. Pop the cover of the channel kit. Press the cables leading to the flat panel into the channel. Remove the film protects the adhesive strip from the back of the channel kit. Double-check your alignment to the wall and the TV / equipment rack. Press the channel to the wall.  Snap channel kit cover over the lower part housing the wires. Paint or stain kit, if desired.

When TV walls mount with shelf, you need to find out what to do with the cable box. When you are still using a TV stand, and thus the same amount of space. The best solution is to hide the cable box in the shelf, which is done by running the wires during the dry wall to a place where the cable box cannot be seen.