Unique Distressed Hardwood Flooring

Distressed Hardwood Flooring Bedroom

Distressed hardwood flooring – A key element in Spanish style, distressed wood gives a rustic look to your family room. Add a distressed wood table with iron accents in front of a leather sofa. Combine fine hard wood pieces with rustic them for a sophisticated look. Add wood flooring to heat. In a larger room, make a bold statement with an over-sized hutch or entertainment center in fine or distressed hardwood flooring. Place a painted wooden table and chairs in a corner to create an area for activities such as games or doing homework. Install an antique or rustic wood fireplace mantel to add extra enjoyment while family enjoys a roaring fire.

For coarsely, can physically distressed hardwood flooring a thick layer of wax may be best. It protects meter from any rough surfaces and provides grain and appalling to be seen, preserve beauty of wood. Bleach floors, which have not properly, age to a pickled look. This will open up grain and brighter colors, providing a sun-dried look. Bleaching agents used for deck cleaning can provide a nice effect. If it is a new floor, test on a piece of scrap wood. Otherwise, choose an inconspicuous corner and test a small patch before bleaching floor. Use paint or glaze to give artificial sad to less robust flooring is a good way to go. Work at least three shades for depth and detail. You can use a graining tool if you want to provide interesting details. Always top off finish with a clear lacquer of poly or wax to protect finish.

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