Unique Wood Grain Floor Tile

Beautiful Wood Grain Floor Tile

Wood grain floor tile – Wood is an economical and versatile choice for flooring. Regardless of the room’s use, plywood can be in shape and size according to your own specifications tile. Create board layouts and parquet flooring, creative cut diamond, stenciling, sanding, sealing and painting. You can even cut plywood in wide planks to emulate a fraction of the cost associated with the installation of hardwood.

Create a board wood grain floor tile with large squares of plywood. Seal the tiles with several coats of polyurethane for a glossy finish. Install the tiles with wood grain in opposite directions to form the chessboard. For a different look, half the tiles of the stain and leave the other natural environment with layers of polyurethane. O stain the whole lot and play with the wood grain designs during installation.

Wood grain floor tile as for stenciling goes, the sky is literally the limit. Stenciling patterns on your floor tiles plywood include geometric designs, retro patterns, vintage floral, botanicals, Damascus and cheerful polka dots. The wood floor pattern plywood act as focal point, which means that the walls can be painted in demure understated tones to complement the floors and the rest of the decor does not detract from the floor design or create a design scheme too busy.

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