Useful Wall Shelf with Hooks

Handmade Wall Shelf with Hooks

Wall shelf with hooks – A wall shelf is an important part of decor in any room. They can be both decorative in themselves or provide space for everything from potted plants to books, so you can put a personal touch to your home. We’ve looked online shops selection through and found a number of interesting wall shelves that you should look at.

Wall shelf with hooks provides double duty, acting as both a rack for hanging clothes and a shelf to show things. Shelf consists of two parts: one that fits flat against wall and another piece that attaches to top and protrudes from shelf. On lower part of shelf has several hooks, formed as small sticks. Let your child hang their favorite sweatshirts or jackets from these hooks. You will also find that shelves come in a variety of styles and designs. For example, a baseball bat-shaped shelf using small sticks decorated to resemble baseballs.

Shaped wall shelf with hooks has an unusual shape that fits well in a child’s room. Round shelves are such. Shelves are made of different circles connected to each other, and then fixed to wall. Shelves are closed, as opposed to traditional open shelves, giving you storage on both top and bottom of shelf. Find shelves made of wood and carved in various letters; spell your child’s name. Or, spell name of their favorite team, to fit a sports theme bedroom or spell other words, room’s theme. Shaped shelves add a decorative touch to room.

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