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Located in the city of Rome, the Vatican City is situated on a hill, in the west of the River Tiber. A Vatican City walls separates Vatican City from other parts of town. The city consists of St.Peter’s Church, St. Peter’s Square, the Vatican and the Vatican Gardens. The City is the smallest city in the world that is home to a population of 880 people. The city is considered, the center of Roman Catholicism.

The country ruled by the Pope of the Vatican City and is a place that exemplifies the intermingling of faith and art. For the tourist with an artistic mind, Vatican City walls hold a rare collection in the world consisting of sculptures, paintings and brilliant architecture. There are many places in the Vatican City’s fun to see it. Every visitor to the Vatican was over-fascinated with the architectural brilliance of St. Peter’s Basilica. The basilica was built over the tomb of St. Peter.

The intricate details of this great structure so much that they cannot be contained in words. Acres magnificent mosaics and marbles with artwork by Bernini, Michelangelo, Raphael, Maderno and Bramante magnificent and amazing, Vatican city walls located near the basilica and houses valuable works of art of various artists from the past and the present. It is impossible to visit all the galleries are stored in the museum, in one day.

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