Vesa Wall Mount Compatibility

Vesa Wall Mount Standard

Vesa wall mount – When planning to mount an LCD or Plasma TV to the wall, ceiling or on a stand, you will no doubt find vesa wall mount, a term widely used in AV (Audio Visual) industry.

In this article, we will explain some important points about this term and give examples of things consumers need to find and expensive. When buying an LCD or Plasma mount bracket or also product description should state whether it is in accordance with one or more of the standard dimensions of vesa wall mount mentioned above

Often manufacturers fail to determine the proper standard in select vesa wall mount. Therefore consumers should check the complete behind the scenes. It has even been known that different production runs of a particular screen have mounting holes that meet different standards. My advice would be to wait until the back of the screen can be checked, or ask leading dealer for advice. Although the standard was initially limited to smaller LCD monitors and televisions, it is becoming increasingly common as the availability of third-party universal mounting has increased. That article about vesa wall mount that we wish to convey to you all.



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