Wainscoting stairs Ideas

Modern Wainscoting Stairs

Wainscoting stairs can completely change the feel and look of your home decor. Whether it is painted or left in its natural wood finish, adds the texture and interest to the walls. While wainscoting into a standard wall is a simple process, install it on a staircase may seem far more daunting. Cutting and installing wainscoting stairs is a fairly straightforward project that achieves great results.


Measure the length of the stairs to find out how much wainscoting required. Add about half a meter to the total amount, because it is better to have too much than not enough, and any excess can be cut away and discarded. Select wainscoting for your project. Wainscoting panels are available in various widths and in a variety of designs. If the existing wooden staircase is selecting wainscoting panels that matches it. Alternatively, the panels can be painted.

Place a level vertically on top of the engine of the wainscoting stairs; make sure that the bubble is central. Place the handle on a T-bevel square so it sits flush along the stairs trim. Moving blade of the square to sit flush against the vertical bubble level. Place the square on the table some of your table saw. Alternatively, use an angle finder to determine the angle of the stairs. If you do not have a table saw, simply transfer the angle of the back of each panel by placing angle finder.

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