Ways to Install Subway Tile Paneling

Subway tile paneling is clear, easy to clean waterproof tiles which are generally larger than standard ceramic tiles. Rectangular, in contrast to square in shape, some subway tiles provides a transparent brick-like appearance on the walls, so you can use them as paving stones for a look that is not normally associated with the bathroom walls. The mount in place much as ceramic tiles, with a dry set mortar that has a special additive which helps the smooth non-porous glass bonding to the wall. Because they are made of glass subway tiles are available in a variety of colors, which makes the new tiled surface easy to blend in with existing decorative patterns.

Subway tile paneling, examine walls, where you’ll be setting trays for possible cracks. Fill cracks with gypsum compound, filling it in the surface of the wall with a spatula then scrape along the surface of the patch with the edge of the spatula to smooth it. Wait approximately two hours for the compound to dry enough to work with sand when it smooth so that it is flush with the surrounding wall means with sandpaper.

Install subway tile paneling, clean the surface of the wall with a neutral detergent and sponge. Go over the surface of the wall with sandpaper, if there is color present, to remove the color shine for better adhesion of the adhesive. Dry wall with a damp cloth to remove abrasive residue.

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