Window Picture Frame Design


Window picture frame – The use of re-purposed items will become a trend in home design. Old windows can be used for many different tasks, one of which is making unique picture frames. The wooden frame that holds the window glazing in place, known as a blade, is ideal to make the back light image frames. Because the old windows can be obtained at minimal expense, or sometimes even free, this craft is particularly appealing for those on a budget. When you select a window for your project, try to find a window with multiple panes, so you can remove all but the center pane to feature the image and use an extra pane to ensure the picture in place.

Remove the old window picture frame from all over the exterior of the windows with a putty or utility knife as the central panel in place. Clean all the kit by scraping frame with spatula. Sand the old window picture frame lightly with fine-grit sandpaper. Be careful not to remove any of the character of the old window, just remove loose dirt from the frame. Use a clear wood finish of your choice. Allow finish to dry before continuing.

Place the picture in the middle pane of the window. Insert a dulling of the image. Place one of the panes of glass that you removed from the window of matted picture. Slide multiple push-points into the grid of the window to secure the window in place. Space push points evenly. Use at least two to each side of the pane. Select a location for backlit image. Use the supplied mounting bracket and a screwdriver, install a LED back light on the wall in this location. Placing a bracket provided on the back of the old window. Using a screwdriver, and screws to fasten it in place. Hang the window picture frame in front of the back light. Return light and adjust the position of the light as needed.

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