Window Seat Cushions: Favorite Place in Home


Window seat cushions – Create window seats is a great idea to take advantage of the space left beneath them (and usually underestimated) and gain storage areas. The banks as are a perfect idea when you want to take advantage of views from the windows. Of course, you must complete them with cushions or seat and back cushions to make them more comfortable.

Window seat cushions are a perfect place that can become our favorite place in the house. Of course, keep in mind that the edge is sufficiently broad to accommodate a seat. The space under the window is an ideal area for planning cabinets or drawers to measure and gain valuable storage areas.

If the bank also has with storage space under the seat, you’ll have two functions at once! The atmosphere was completed with a chair and a coffee table.  A window between two cabinets, shelves or partitions is the ideal place to create a reading space. And with a bank as you gain a privileged viewpoint that does not interfere with the passage of light, window seat cushions and extra storage. Note that for a bank is comfortable should be about 45 cm from the floor (legs should form an angle straight).

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