Wonderful Arch Window Curtains

Arch Window Curtains Bedroom

Arch window curtains – A window with a curved arc at the top is a bow window, but a partial arch window only has a slight curve which does not form a complete semicircle. Home may contain bedroom with a horizontal series of partial arch windows as an alternative to traditional windows because they provide plenty of light and decorative details while maintaining privacy. For extra privacy or lighting control, choose a window treatment for partial arch window add style and function to your space.

Fabric treatments are inexpensive and versatile options for treating partial arch window curtains. One of the easiest treatments is a standard horizontal curtain rod for draperies extending across the window, and parts of the wall. Choose heavy, dark fabrics like burgundy velvet for most light blockage and privacy.

If you want a little more fitted, select a curved curtain rod that mimics the shape of the curve. Double layers of different colored plain panels are a whimsical option although they do not provide significant light blocking. Arch window curtains are also suitable for window swags or valences; short height most partial arch windows means that a single panel can cover the entire window without additional curtains and drapes.

To Make Arch Window Curtains

Arched windows can add interest to a room. Windows usually rich three lists that do not require window treatment coverings.  If you want a softer look window, consider to sew window treatment for arched windows. This treatment inside the window casing, leaving molding exposed while soft texture and color. A clean or light fabric will hang along the curve of your bow more uniformly than a heavier fabric.

Installing arch curtain rod inside the window casing. The directions packaging for placing clips to ensure the rod in place. Measuring the length of curved curtains. Start at the highest part of the rod and measure down to the length you want the curtains to hang. Adding three and a half inches for the top and loft. If you want your curtains to puddle on the floor, measure the floor and add 12 inches plus loft.

Cutting drug after the panel measurements. Sew the fabric together with half-inch seam allowances to the panel has the width you need. Sew a half-inch seam at the top of the carpet. This forms a narrow pole casing. Fold the bottom edge to form a double bed and one-half-inch hem. Sew a basting stitch. Do not press. The panel will hang longer on the ends than in the middle because of the arch of the window. Hang curtains and mark a horizontal hem line right across the length you want them to hang, this is to hang curtain straight down.

Remove from the rod. Cutting the carpet one and a half inches below the line and baste. Insert the stem and place the rod in the clip. Hang three days so that the fabric to stretch or shrink. Remove the brush and adjust hem if necessary. Machine stitch hem, press and rehang. Remember. Narrow arched windows unsuitable heavy drapery.

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