Wonderful Arched Window Curtain Rod

Arched Window Curtain Rod Design

Arched window curtain rod – Arched windows are nothing less than a wonderful sight. However, many homeowners are baffled about right way to dress their windows. While choosing window treatments for arched windows can be tricky, to refrain from taking easy way out by placing a high-set bar and long curtains to hide your bow. Accentuate architectural beauty of your arched windows without sacrificing style or privacy with these ideas for arched window treatments.

Why hide wonderful architectural features of your window? Showcase your arched window curtain rod by hanging curtains only ¾ of way. Place to take a curtain rod just below where window begins arc shape. Then, simply place curtains that match your taste in interior design. This idea is best suited for rooms where natural light is welcome, such as kitchens, home offices or living rooms, as opposed to media and bedrooms.

If you want to accentuate your arched window curtain rod without forgoing privacy or lease too much sunlight, use arched window shades. While they may not be readily available in your local Target or Walmart, retailers specializing in window coverings will bear an abundance of curved window shades. For a no-frills and cohesive look. Use hide a wooden window shade on arch of window and finish look by covering rest of your windows with wooden blinds in a similar finish.

Types of Curtain Hangers

Curtain rods are necessary to dress your window, as they hold the fabric panels and allow them to slide and stay aligned. Some accessories for curtains are both decorative and functional, as is the case of bars that are mounted on supports with topped ends. Others are only functional, like bars with rails. Curtain rods of all types available are purchased already made or can be customized to fit the dimensions of your windows. A bar should always be chosen according to its ability to support the weight of the curtains.

Decorative rods

Decorative rods, also known as posts, are nothing more than the conventional rods used to hang stationary cloth panels. These accessories are attached to the wall just above and out of the window. In these cases, the curtains hang directly from the bar or, from rings, from hooks or locks where the bar is completely inserted. These types of bars can be made of wood, iron, metal or resin. The wood can be dyed, painted or finished with imitation marble and metal. Also used are genuine metal rods in wrought iron, nickel, tin, brass or bronze. These types of bars usually have top ends at the ends that show decorative motifs like spheres, leaves, spirals or hooks.

Other Types of Bars

There are other types of bars in many decoration shops, such as swivel casters that are folding and extend away from the window when the curtain opens. For their part, the wire consists of a metal cable that is supported by small supports. Because they can be easily arched, they are very useful for windows with curves, corners and viewpoints. The continental type bars are wide and flat and are basically metal fittings for big borders or curtains.  This type of bar ranges from 2 1/2 to 4 1/2 inches (6.2 to 11.2 centimeters) wide. The double track bars have two tracks, each with its own pulley, to hang an interior and an outside curtain. This type of accessory is also available with three ways, which are used to hang two curtains and a valance.

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