Wonderful Patio String Lights Accent Landscape

Contemporary Patio String Lights

Wonderful Patio String Lights Accent Landscape

Patio string lights add a warm glow to backyard for everyday use or special events. Lights come in a variety of colors and styles. Strings of lights work well to make a homemade centerpiece for a patio table. Choose a large glass container such as a vase. Place a set of simple lights in glass container, creating a forest of lights. Choose bulbs that are all same color or a string of multicolored lights. Centerpiece will add a blue glow at table, while providing additional lighting for guests.

For an outdoor party or entertaining, patio string lights along fence or house. Stretch them overhead on backyard or patio. Strings provide light for an evening or night party outside, while adding atmosphere to area. Patio lights also define different areas of yard, depending on how they are hung. Rows of lights suspended in an area can identify a dance or play area for children. food area can be illuminated with a different style of light garlands. Mix and match strands of lights for general area lighting.

Patio string lights accent landscape for decorative effects. Place a string of lights along a sidewalk or stairs to show way for visitors. Accent shrubs, planters, retaining walls or flower beds by stringing lights along edges of these features. Keep lights out throughout year, or put them out for special occasions.

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