Wood Spiral Staircase Railing

Beautiful Wood Spiral Staircase

Wood spiral staircase adds a dramatic look to any home. Designers and architects normally set the staircase in the middle of the room or slightly off-center. The staircase winds around in a circular pattern to the second floor. The edge length of the steps is variable and depends on the total length of the staircase itself.

Determining the length

If you add a new wood spiral staircase, you must determine the length of the railing. Measure the space between the outer edges of the stairs to the support pole running through the middle of the staircase, which is the radius. Multiply the radius of stairs from Pi and 2 and the square figure. Square the height of the steps and add it to the last poll. Find the square of the final number, which gives the length of the stairs.

Once you have a figure in mind, consider adding one or two inches to the last number. Adding a few inches gives you a little over the top of the handrail, the base of the handrail, or both. The overhang compensates for any decorative elements, such as scroll work or rounded ends. If you buy a railing with rounded ends, is measured considering the total length of the piece. The length covering the wood spiral staircase, but can stop an inch or more from where you actually want it.

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