Wood Stairway Ideas with Carpet Covers

Easy Stairway Ideas

Stairway Ideas – Whether they are aerial, curve, spiral, L-shape or straight, stairs are an integral part of homes and commercial buildings. The stairs are an extension of the rooms and entrances leading to the spaces and should coexist with the style of decoration of these areas. The requirements for traffic, safety, maintenance and cleaning are also important in deciding which materials to install for the floor covering of the stairs.

Strong wood, especially oak, is a very durable material for the floor of a stairway ideas. The maple and yellow birch, though they are softer, are also a durable alternative to stairway floors. Hardwoods can be tinted in different shades. Hardwood is easy to clean with the vacuum cleaner and flush with water. These floors will need a retouching from time to time. But they will last for several years between one touch and another.

Carpeted stairs can prevent creaking of the staircase and give warmth to the touch. Continuous carpet from an adjoining room up or down a staircase can add consistency to the decor. They can be difficult to keep clean depending on traffic. Installing a clear plastic corridor can prevent dirt and wear on carpeted stairs. Among the choices of carpet is the installation of a carpet corridor on the wooden stairway ideas. Or the use of stair sections with self-adhesive carpet.

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